Specialist agency supplying career interim managers




What is the difference between Interim Management and Management Consultancy?

Management consultants advise and recommend. Interim managers advise, recommend and implement.

Consultants are usually employed by large consulting organisations with inflexible methodologies and large overheads. Clients are often concerned that there may have a conflict of interest and that costs are high.

Whereas an Interim will generally cost between £450 and £1500 per day, even relatively junior management consultants will often exceed this.

You will generally find that an Interim will be much more experienced (often over qualified) and will offer much better value for money. As an independent expert, they will operate as part of your team, rather than as an employee of an external organisation.


If Interim Managers are so good, why are they not in permanent employment?

A career Interim is driven by the challenge of dealing with short term assignments, especially where they are contributing special skill that are only needed in the short term. Being task driven they are often not interested in climbing the corporate ladder or in corporate politics.

What Skills can you provide?

We can provide Interims with the following skills:

  • CEO
  • CIO
  • Chairman
  • Strategic Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Change Manager
  • IT Director
  • IT Manager
  • Medical Director
  • Non-Executive Director

What is the typical length of contract?

Assignments can span anything from a few days to more than a year, although most assignments are measured in weeks or months.


How long does it take to select an Interim Manager?

EIT Interim will endeavour to provide you with a shortlist of candidates within 24hours of receiving a client requirement. The Interim will be in place within days of being engaged.


Can I have a part time Interim?

Yes, this often suits both parties.


How long will it take for an Interim Manager to become effective?

Because an Interim is widely experienced they will often have encountered challenges similar to those you are offering in previous assignments. You should expect the Interim to react positively at interview, where they will commence fact-finding and offering initial proposals.


How is the end of assignment managed?

The Interim will generally provide sufficient documentation and personal handover to their permanent replacement to enable the new incumbent to get off to a good start. If required, they will help you define or redefine the role and help with selection.